Netflix’s biggest shows and movies, ranked (according to Netflix)

Netflix’s most watched films The following are Netflix’s most watched movies, based on Netflix’s own reporting of total hours viewed in the first 28 days of each titles’ release. Any changes from the previous week are in bold text. 

‘Disorderly conduct and property damage for running over Instacart groceries that I wasn’t paid to deliver and the customer got reimbursed by Instacart, but somehow I damaged their property that they weren’t getting because the delivery person and shopper of the order didn’t get paid,’ she said.

So all the hours viewers are binge-watching the final five episodes now aren’t contributing to the season’s all-time popularity ranking.  3, and the last five episodes dropped Dec. Money Heist’s final 10 episodes, called Part 5, were released in separate halves: The first five episodes dropped Sept. The flood of viewership likely won’t move the final season of Money Heist any further up Netflix’s all-time popularity chart, because of a fluke in how Money Heist was released and how Netflix tabulates its all-time rankings. But Netflix counts viewership for its all-time lists only in the first 28 days of release, and Money Heist Part 5 technically completed its first 28 days of release in early October.

But within the last two years, Netflix has become much more open about the popularity of its shows and movies to help it recruit talent and stoke buzz. First, Netflix added a top-trending ranking to its service, so people can see the most popular titles streaming on Netflix in their country on any given day. Then it also started publicly sharing popularity stats for certain titles, publicizing the number of accounts that watched two minutes of a particular title in its first month of release.

‘Young women and strippers have in an almost systematic way been called into these party nights to please this elite group of powerful men,’ read the synopsis of episode two, when translated from Swedish to English.

Tara Plum, 36, of Coon Rapids, was delivering the couple’s groceries from Cub Foods on December 6 when she spotted a pro-police sign reading ‘Thank you Blaine PD’ with a Blue Lives Matter flag in the front yard of their home.

Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany told : ‘We’re law enforcement.

We get not everybody likes us, we understand that. But don’t take that out on innocent people out there, especially people who are trying to contribute to this person’s livelihood.’   

Other Netflix titles certainly have accrued enough sampling in the first month of release make it on this list, but Netflix can cherry-pick which titles get viewership disclosures.  Netflix’s most sampled movies, based on the previous metric The following are Netflix’s most sampled films by the number of accounts that have watched at least two minutes in the first 28 days of release. Any figures that were projections when Netflix announced them are noted, and this ranking includes only the films that Netflix has chosen to disclose.

In October, Netflix said it would toss out its controversial two-minute metric in favor of its new hours-watched standard — counting how many total hours a show or movie was watched during its first 28 days of release. November’s launch of the new rankings site made good on that plan. 

Netflix appears to have never released a non-English-language film that generated enough viewing hours to make it into an overall top-watched ranking. But additional widely watched non-English language movies on Netflix have included:

A purple-haired Instacart driver ran over an elderly couple’s groceries that she had just delivered after seeing a Blue Lives Matter flag in the driveway of their Minnesota home and scribbled F*** the police’ on a receipt she pinned to their door.

As of September, the third season of Stranger Things, for example, was Netflix’s No. But by hours watched, the same season moves up to No. 4 — and its second season, which came out when Netflix had 100 million fewer subscribers, is its No. 8 most popular show by number of accounts sampling it. Hours-watched also can reveal the strength of some shows that were either released before Netflix began sharing viewership stats, or were released so long ago that Netflix simply had millions fewer accounts that could sample them. 11 top show by hours watched. 

Carter only briefly spoke about his alleged relationship with Mel B but never directly addressed rumors that she’d hooked up with him just months prior to her 2018 rehab stint for alcohol and sex addictions.

It comes as a judge in New York, not related to the Maxwell trial, said a secret 2009 settlement that Prince Andrew’s lawyers say protects him against a lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts should be made public.

It comes as a judge in New York, not related to the Maxwell trial, said a secret 2009 settlement that Prince Andrew’s lawyers say protects him against a lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts should be made public.

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