TikToker begs for money after 'accidentally' buying $100,000 couch

A 21-year-old star with nearly eight million followers has been slammed online for issuing a tearful plea for donations – because she ‘accidentally’ bought $100,000 couch in an online auction, and says the idea of getting a job ‘makes her throw up’.

From faced a furious backlash after she posted a video of herself sobbing into the camera, while claiming that she inadvertently purchased the pricey piece of furniture after entering her credit card details into an criminal justice online classes auction site as a ‘joke’.

Captioning the video, which has racked up 6.8 million views, ‘I accidentally bought a $100,000 couch,’ the influencer then issued an emotional plea to her 7.9 million followers to send her online donations in order to help her cover the cost of the couch – which she insists she cannot pay for.

Quenlin Blackwell, 21, from California, was slammed online after she issued a plea for donations after she ‘accidentally’ purchased a $100,000 couch.

The influencer has 7.9 million followers and explained in between sobs that she entered her card details as a ‘joke’, but was then charged for the furniture.

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