The fashionable Japan

Japan is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Restraint in images. In Japan, it is not very customary to stand out with brightness, there are many muted colors and achromats, which is considered the most elegant.

Great importance is attached to the appropriateness, the Japanese strictly adhere to the dress code. Every profession has a uniform: educators, teachers, waiters and even taxi drivers. Clothing should correspond to the situation, thoughtfulness to the smallest detail in advance is a distinctive feature of the Japanese.

Minimalism in Japan is loved not only in clothing, but also in the interior. Laconic cut, minimum details. Minimalist items can be easily found in Japanese-made departments.

In addition to layering in the image, as a stylistic device, great importance is attached to underwear. Thermal underwear, slimming, and underwear from overheating in the heat. Lingerie creates an even silhouette, and prominent body parts are considered indecent.

The avant-garde is familiar to Japan. Japanese fashion designer Issei Miyake has combined tradition and avant-garde. Otherwise, as elsewhere, there is a lot of oversize, monochrome, comfort, clothes for a dynamic lifestyle.

In Japan, you rarely find revealing outfits. An open neckline and transparent things are considered bad form here. Young Japanese women in miniskirts are not surprising, but deep chest cutouts are perplexing. Fur coats made from natural furs are not worn here either.

Sexuality in Japanese representation is expressed not in open outfits, but in modesty of image and behavior.

The Japanese love brands. The fashion for branded items and accessories in Japan is great. Convenient lending system in such boutiques and thrift stores make brands accessible to all ages. Japan exclusively for originals. Fakes are not worn, it is not fashionable and is considered bad form.

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