Time to refresh your space with DLS stylish furniture proudly made in Ukraine

When it comes time to refresh your working or living space with new stylish furniture, it’s important to curate pieces that reflect your own personal, unique style, and you are wondering where to find and what to choose.

DLS is a Ukrainian factory with own full-cycle production that has been creating upholstered furniture for business and home for more than 20 years.

You want to select furniture made with quality materials to ensure that you and people around you can enjoy each piece for a long time.

DLS is dedicated to showcasing the best in beautiful, authentic design.

You want to find designs that give each room a one-of-a-kind, refined look.

You want every piece to serve a functional, intentional purpose.

At DLS, you’ll find what you need to make your space comfortable and pleasant.

When DLS creates a new product or a new series of products, their work becomes an eye-catching in every detail.

The materials DLS selects, the stylish design and the chosen colours, as well as every other aspect, are the result of the thoughtful and meticulous process of professional work.

DLS online store – DLS.ua

The company’s model range includes over 250 items for any space and purpose, whether it’s a living room, a restaurant or a conference room in a business centre.

Items from different series can be easily combined into an ensemble by making them from one upholstery collection.

DLS values its reputation, not looking for compromises, that’s why they work with natural wood and its derivatives. DLS metalworking workshops prepare frames from Italian stainless steel. The production of elements, assembly and decoration of sofas are made by hand!

You can choose from eight categories of upholstery materials with increased wear resistance, designed for many cycles of use. After choosing the upholstery, DLS consultants give recommendations about care and proper cleaning of it, providing the opportunity to “try on” furniture.

In the DLS online store, on the page of each product in the “files for download” section, you can upload a 3D model to add it to your design project and you can see how an item selected by you will look in your interior.

DLS makes furniture by order. By customer’s desires the company develops a model of any complexity and shape individually. They help to choose furniture from the model range for the design project. DLS produces segments and sections of furniture so that the items fit harmoniously into any interior.

The prominent Ukrainian upholstery furniture producer cares about the environment and produce furniture in an environmentally friendly way. They use a waste heating mechanism, and recycle all the remaining garbage or dispose of it in accordance with environmental policy.

There is no mandatory certification of furniture in Ukraine, however, all materials and products are certified so that you can be sure of the safety and quality of the finished products. Products are covered by a 12-month warranty. DLS delivers orders throughout Ukraine, and not only.

DLS are trusted by many prominent companies including Kyivmiskbud, Ukrbud, Inter TV, 1+1 TV, Novy TV, Ukraine TV, STB TV, Radio Lux, Privatbank, Intel City, AVG, LISOD, Noviy Zir, Salateira, Sushiya, Il Molino, SOFIA SPORT, Dobrobut, Foxtrot, TASCOMBANK, Cosmopolite Shopping Centre, Epicentre, and many others.

As of today, DLS has produced furniture for more than 50,000 customers.

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