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Consequently, if you open two or more data views on the same measurement file but on different parameters simultaneously, and switch from one point of time in one data view to another point in time, the data in the other data views change accordingly. The Workspace forms the basis of the user interface in Nemo Analyze. All measurements and parameters can be found in the workspace, and from there it is convenient to drag them in various data views. See also Using Nemo Analyze. The workspace view is by default attached to the left-hand side of the Analyze main window. You can also drag it elsewhere in the window, and if you want to dock it back to the side of the main window, double-click on the Workspace. The Workspace view consists of five pages: Measurements, Base Stations, Maps, Data Source Files, and Reports pages respectively. You can view each page via the descriptive icon tabs at the bottom of the Workspace view.

Dec 12, 2017 Earn even more money with your short links! Many downloads like Actix Analyzer 5.5 may also include a serial number, cd key or keygen. If this is the case then it’s usually included in the full crack download archive itself. If you are still having trouble finding Actix Analyzer 5.5 after simplifying your search term then we highly recommend using the alternative full download sites. Actix International Ltd, a developer software for mobile network analytics and nemo telecom optimization, has released the 5.5 version of Analyzer. The industry leading desktop solution, Analyzer provides advanced drive test survey analytics. It supports network optimization, network acceptance and validation, and is used in 2G, 3G, LTE and VoLTE rollouts. Analyzer provides advanced drive test survey analytics. It’s the global standard in use at over 300 operators and is the most widely used tool in its class. This release contains support for new and updated file formats. Fixed a problem where the Expression Debugger could not be launched from the Event Diagram Viewer. Fixed an issue where newly added TAB layers would not show up in other instances of the Map. Fixed the issue of flickering data tool tips, when the pointer was hovered over charts. Actix International Ltd develops software for mobile network analytics and optimization. The company’s solution allows users to automate analytics to visualize, analyze, and optimize the mobile network. It offers ActixOne, a mobile optimization platform that provides a unified workspace for automating mobile network optimization activities; Analyzer, a desktop software solution for expert drive test post-processing, supporting network optimization, and network troubleshooting; and Radioplan, an offline desktop automated cell planning software for optimizing the configuration of new sites and site overlays. For other news, visit my profile every day! To Unzip the files use 7zip or WinRar.

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In Nemo Analyze you can view measurement data in multiple ways. The most convenient way, however, is to focus on the Workspace user interface since it is quick and easy. For example, in the workspace you can double-click a parameter, and Nemo Analyze opens the parameter automatically in the default data view. Add Data View, choose a particular data view, select a measurement, and drag a parameter from the parameter tree in the data view. You can also view several parameters in the same data view by dragging them in it. If you drag a parameter in an empty workbook, a dialog box appears and asks you to select a data view type. If you drag a measurement file to a workbook with a data view, a dialogue box emerges asking you to select the parameter you wish to view. The filter field above the parameter tree is useful when looking for a specific parameter in a long list. All data views are synchronized with each other based on time.

You may need to enable data roaming. This is done under Settings “Wireless & networks” Mobile networks, by checking the Data roaming checkbox. When you connect a TEMS Pocket Lite device running Android 4.2.2 or later to the PC, a dialog titled “Allow USB debugging?” will pop up on the device screen. Check the box Always allow from this computer, and tap OK. Running several tasks in parallel on a TEMS Pocket Lite device places a heavy load on the device battery. It may in fact happen that the battery charger cannot keep up with the power consumption, so that the battery eventually will be drained even if the charger is connected all the time. This situation may arise for example if the device is more or less constantly running one service or another while at the same time having its display fully lit. When engaging the device in highly power-consuming tasks, you should always use the regular charger supplied with the device.

20 NEMO FSR1 MODULAR HIGH-SPEED DIGITAL SCANNING RECEIVER Nemo FSR1 is a cutting-edge, modular digital receiver that provides accurate, reliable high-speed RF measurements of wireless networks across multiple bands and technologies. 22 NEMO ANALYZE BEST-IN-CLASS PERFORMANCE Nemo Analyze is a powerful postprocessing solution for performing benchmarking, troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on Nemo drive test data. 23 NEMO CEM SOLUTION CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MONITORING Nemo Qmon Nemo Qview Dashboards Active tests Reports Passive monitoring QTrend View QNetwork View QCustomer View Software client downloaded on the subscriber s device Installed and controlled Over the Air (OTA) Business intelligence module Insightful dashboard with evolutions, trends of main KPIs.

Relevant to managers, QoE teams, and strategic analysis Real-time network analysis Complete toolset to analyse in real-time, drill-down capabilities, network inventory geomapping and correlation. Relevant to network engineers, support teams, and QoE/QoS teams Customer-centric module Comprehensive dashboard focused on a single residential / corporate customer support, complaints, management, and issue investigation.

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Latest release support also latest mobile handsets currently on the market. Keysight recently added Anite Nemo products to their portfolio. Nemo Outdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless network testing. 300 terminals and scanning receivers from various vendors, all latest network technologies, and latest smartphones. In wireless network testing, Nemo Outdoor’s powerful software platform works with all wireless technologies and with different protocol and application testing options. The optional media router functionality, Keysights’ proprietary (patent pending) communications interface and application, enables simple and productive deployment of smartphones in data benchmarking and voice quality measurements by utilizing the smartphones’ capacity more effectively. Nemo Outdoor produces measurement files from wireless network drive tests in the open ASCII Nemo file format, enabling quick and easy troubleshooting and analysis, using Keysight’s or third-party post-processing tools. With a test terminal and/or a scanner you can perform real-time missing neighbor detection, pilot pollution analysis, and GSM interference analysis.

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