The best museums in Medellín, Colombia

Museo de Antioquia

The Antioquia Museum would certainly be in the running for the title of Best Museum in Colombia, were such a competition to be created. Why? For a start, it features a massive exhibit dedicated to Medellin’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero, as well as some fascinating exhibitions focusing on modern, colonial, and religious art. The stunning architecture of the building housing this museum is arguably reason enough to part with the very reasonable sum of 10,000COP ($3.50) to visit. +57 42513636

Museo de Arte Moderno

With an entrance fee of just 8,000COP (around $3) and some world-class modern-art exhibits, there’s really nowhere better for an art-lover to go in Medellin than the Museo de Arte Moderno in the Ciudad del Rio neighbourhood. Housed in an imposing and dramatic structure – itself a marvellous work of modern art – the museum is home to an incredible series of works by Débora Arango, a well-known modern artist who was born in Medellin. +57 44442622

Casa de la Memoria

A new museum dedicated to the victims of Colombia’s long and brutal civil conflict, the Casa de la Memoria is conveniently located in El Centro neighbourhood and is definitely the museum to visit if you have an interest in learning more about the violence that has so defined Colombia’s recent history. It’s also free to visit and should only take around an hour to experience, so there’s very little excuse not to pop in and learn about something that is often misunderstood outside of Colombia. +57 43855555 ext. 4001

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