Santiago at a glance

Santiago impresses by its diverse images, captivates with its magnificent panoramas and its versatility. The Chilean capital inspires with life all those that visit.

Lose yourself in its streets to find original art galleries, innovative design stores and arts & crafts fairs, as well as restaurants, bars and coffee shops. And if you are a night owl, do not miss Barrio Bellavista’s nightlife!

Learn more about Chile in its many museums or visit the Central Market to taste exquisite products of the Chilean cuisine.

If the outdoors is your thing, admire the capital from the surrounding hills to marvel at the views of Santiago.

When shopping, do not miss the elegant Alonso de Córdoba neighborhood and the city’s many modern shopping malls.

Discover Cerro San Cristóbal as the locals call it, while walking around the capital city’s largest urban natural area, which is part of the Metropolitan Park. Put on your sneakers and walk, jog or bike up to the top of the San Cristóbal Hill. At the summit you can quench your thirst with a delicious mote con huesillo.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city, looking out from above and take some snapshots. Visit the Metropolitan Zoo, located up the hill, where you can see many animals from around the world and Chile.

The wide range of food available, theaters, cultural centers, cinemas, bookstores, art galleries, design shops and antique shops, all make this district an oasis for culture.

Walk around this area full of restaurants and enjoy the intense nightlife of its streets and many pubs and bars. Don’t miss the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), the Parque Forestal (Forestal Park) and the Fine Arts Museum.

Do you see yourself eating a half-a-kilo empanada? Discover the traditions of Pomaire, a small town close to Santiago. Its “greda” pottery, which is a brown clay, is represented in cups, pots, plates and animal shapes, which are a perfect souvenir to bring back home.

If you want to save for your next trip to Chile, you have to buy one of the typical “greda piggy banks”, that you would then have to break to get the money you’ve saved.

Relax and share a drink with friends in the Bellavista District. Known for its Bohemian history, this is the ideal place to relax and “tirar la talla” ¹. An endless list of restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs await you every night because, Bellavista never sleeps!

During the day you can visit the house-museum, La Chascona, which belonged to the poet laureate Pablo Neruda. You can also visit several local theaters such as San Ginés, Centro Mori and the Bellavista Theater, among many others.

Much of Chile’s history has been written around its Main Square. Lose yourself in its streets to find old buildings, such as the Municipality of Santiago, the Cathedral, the National History Museum, and the Courts of Justice. Or sit and witness the hectic city life on the classic Ahumada Boulevard.

The capital’s center offers a wide gastronomic selection.

Elegant restaurants welcome clients passing through the streets, but if you want to recharge your batteries, do not miss the famous “picadas”, full of food.

With its great business offer, enticing and assorted restaurants and entertaining nightlife, Providencia welcomes you to the center of Santiago’s celebrations. Visit the Las Esculturas y Balmaceda parks. Enjoy the bookstores, coffee shops and quaint boutiques in Barrio Italia and Bellavista’s busy nightlife.

Put on your sneakers and challenge your endurance as you climb the San Cristobal Hill and tour Santiago’s Metropolitan Park on foot or by bike. Once at the top take out your camera and capture a beautiful panoramic view of the metropolitan valley!

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, check out interesting works of art at a gallery or buy a good book. That is what the Italia District (Barrio Italia) is like; a maze of shops and their windows inviting you to walk along the streets and shop for avant-garde design or special little collectibles.

Lose yourself among the antique shops, restaurants with Chilean food and international gastronomy. Enjoy live music, interior design, lighting and clothing stores, bars and many, many bicycles.

Meet South America’s largest skyscrapers, a sign of the capital’s growth in recent decades, and enjoy the view of Santiago from 300 meters high in the Sky Costanera skyscraper, the highest point in Latin America that offers a 360° panoramic view of the capital!

Have fun with a variety of activities such as art galleries and shopping and taste exquisite dishes in the capital’s most exclusive restaurants. Find boutique shops at Nueva Costanera and Alonso de Córdoba or visit some of the capital’s largest shopping malls.

Bicentenario Park (Parque Bicentenario) is a nature park set on one side of the capital’s financial district, better known as “Sanhattan”. Discover this modern and well-tended park and enjoy walking across its extensive lawns.

Watch the swans and other birds in its two artificial lagoons and have fun in its themed spaces for leisure activities and on walks with family or friends. Bike around the park, jog over the park’s footbridges and setup your picnic for a whole afternoon of relaxation.

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